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MABRA Road Series Announcement

Updated: May 14

We are thrilled to announce the 2024 MABRA Road Series

Champions in a wide range of racing categories will be crowned based on their cumulative results across Series events. Beyond the recognition of being the best in their field, winners will also receive a champions jersey at the conclusion of the series. (We are also hoping to offer free race entry to winners for series events in 2025.)  

Series standings will be updated and posted as soon as possible after each event at this link as well as on MABRA’s socials.

In its inaugural year, we have 7 participating events in the series:  

Series championships will be contested in the following categories


Master Women 35+

Master Women 45+

Master Women 55+

Masters 35+

Masters 45+

Masters 55+

Masters 65+

Men 1/2/3

Men 3

Men 4

Non-Binary Open

Women 1/2/3

Women 3

Women 4

Note: Not all series events will offer races for all series categories. Please check their bike-reg. listings carefully and see this link for more details. 

Eligibility: All racers with a valid USAC license are eligible to contest the road series title in their respective categories regardless of where they live or their team affiliation (i.e. non-MABRA racers are eligible.) 

Mid-season upgrades:  If a rider upgrades during the Series, the points they accumulated before upgrading in their old category will be maintained for purposes of the final standings. They can then begin to accumulate points in their new category. Similarly, masters races can compete both in both the age-graded and category-series if they choose. 

Scoring System:  Points will be awarded based on a combination of finishing place and field size as follows. Top placings receive more points in larger fields: 

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If I just want to run one event in the masters class and don't care about series points, do I still need a USAC license?

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