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Time Trials

The Mid-Atlantic Time Trial Series (MATTS) started in 2010 as a way to combine time trial
races in the Mid-Atlantic into a series for the first.time. The series is the longest running road
series in MABRA and continued with four (4) race dates on three (3) courses in 2023.

Learning the registration process, how to warm up properly, and how to pace yourself are all
skills that can be intimidating to a cyclist new to racing. Time trials events tend to offer a
more relaxed atmosphere than mass start events. This is true for everything from using the
bathroom pre-race, visiting the registration table, warming up, etc. Even if you decide time
trials aren’t your thing, getting over the hump of entering an event can help ease the stress at
larger races where things may not be quite as low-key.

2023 Church Creek TT2-323.jpg

How to Enter Your First Time Trial

Step 1 – Find an event

USAC, MABRA and makes this easy with their event listings. All you need to do is search around your area for events and see what’s available. Promoters will try their best to have events up many months in advance. For MABRA riders the best way to stay up to date on upcoming events is to follow the MABRA social media pages and the MATTS website. All local USAC sanctioned events will be posted here.

Step 2 – Get a race license (if needed)

If entering a USAC event a race license will be required. An annual race license is good for a year from purchase and allows you to race all cycling formats (cyclocross, MTB, road, gravel and Time trials etc). One-day licenses can be purchased the day of the event during registration. There is also an option to purchase a one-day license during online checkout if you choose to pre-register for the event (recommended).

Step 3 – Show up early to register and warm-up

Some riders choose to show up a couple of hours early while others show up with barely an hour to spare before their start time. But definitely arrive with enough time to warm-up and get to the start.

  • Once you arrive visit the registration table and get your number

  • Pin your number, set up your bike, and get dressed

  • Start your warm-up about 45 minutes before the start of the event.

  • Finish your warm-up with 15 minutes to spare before your start time

  • Use the restroom, double-check equipment, head to the start line

Step 4 – Race!

  • Line up 10 minutes before your scheduled start time

  • Bring extra clothing to stay warm if needed

  • Visualize your pacing plan

  • Remember to breath on the start line!

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