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Cyclocross racing has gained significant popularity in the USA, captivating both athletes and spectators alike. This unique and exhilarating form of cycling combines elements of road racing, mountain biking, and obstacle courses, creating a challenging and thrilling experience for participants. Held primarily during the fall and winter months, cyclocross events attract a diverse and passionate community of cyclists from various backgrounds.

Riders navigate through mud, sand, grass, and even stairs, carrying their bikes when needed. The sport's accessibility, with its mix of technical skills and raw athleticism, has spurred a growing number of enthusiasts and a vibrant competitive scene across the country.

As more enthusiasts embrace the sport, cyclocross racing in the USA continues to evolve, fostering a sense of camaraderie and a fervent dedication to this captivating discipline.


Super Series

Cyclocross races on Sundays across Maryland and North Virgina


Sportif Series

Cyclocross races on Saturdays across Maryland and North Virgina

September 9, DCCX
September 10, Falkorburg CX (Super)
September 16, Go Cross (UCI) - VA
September 17, Go Cross (UCI) - VA
September 30, Charm City (UCI)
October 1, Charm City (UCI)
October 7, Hyattsville CX Women's Training session & Pre-ride
October 8, Hyattsville CX (Super)
October 14, AACX (Sportif)
October 15, Ed Sander (Super)
October 29, BikenetiCx (Super)
November 4, South Germantown CX Guided Pre-ride and Practice
November 5, South Germantown CX (Sportif)
November 12, Rockburn (Super)
November 18, BYC Frosty Cross - Age Graded Championships
November 19, Tacchino CX (Super)
December 2, Bel Air CX (Sportif)
December 3, Capital CX (Super)
December 5, 2023 CX National Championships -KY
December 6, 2023 CX National Championships -KY
December 7, 2023 CX National Championships -KY
December 8, 2023 CX National Championships -KY
December 9, 2023 CX National Championships -KY
December 10, 2023 CX National Championships -KY

2023 Cyclocross events

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